Social media is known as a powerful tool that is used to grow business, increase traffic to your website, and also keep your end user up to date. Recently a lot of companies now use social media which means that an effective social media management is crucial: The meaning of this is that you can’t just log in to Twitter or Facebook and post a few updates if you want to get the most out of the social web in terms of business growth, traffic on your web and so, there is more to just a few posts and updates.

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The updates you plan should be consistent and should be used as a trademark in all the networks you target. Understanding the content and campaigns that are best suited for your audience is ideal for a successful business growth, then also look into getting ISO 41001 certified as this has many advantages for your business.

The social media management tools makes it easy to manage the entire social media presence in a single interface. The tools simplify every aspects of social media marketing that begins from planning updates, reporting, and also interacting with your audience. With social media management tool it is now possible to keep an eye on your competitor. 

The key elements of social media management

After subscribing to a promotion service, you would see more followers on your account each new day until your decide to end the service, regardless of whether you hire a social media marketing service or use a wide range of tools, you can turn your boring strategy into a great strategy without wasting too much time or money. You can:

  •       Manage multiple accounts on different platforms
  •       Analyze social engagement
  •       Schedule releases in advance
  •       Receive comprehensive analysis reports
  •       Monitor comments and respond effectively
  •       Collaborate on content with team members

The impact of social media management

Given the high percentage of people who meet and remain loyal to new brands through electronic platforms, social media management is critical for businesses. However, note that some companies distribute their social media presence across multiple departments, and this is mostly done by a social media manager who helps in the creation of added value to product and services. A social media coordinator typically help manage the following:

Create content

Awareness and brand loyalty don’t happen like magic. Attractive text and impressive graphics attract and address customers – or create them. To achieve a positive and engaging campaign, content creation is carried out by social media managers in other to accomplish a positive result.

Social media management helps in the establishment of a uniform brand

Since social media platforms are evolving and new ones are constantly appearing. In order for a brand to be effective, brand content must be personalized for each platform and at the same time maintaining the consistency of message and design.


Manage online community

Social media marketing can attract an online community. Through targeted communication with a social media coordinator, even more potential members of the community can be reached. Then as so many businesses are now having employees work from home a lot are making use of employee tracking software to keep track of what they are doing which is very wise and definitely improves productivity.

Develop search engine optimization (SEO)

Successful search engine optimization ensures that the content of a company is visible and easy to find in search engines. Also note that this is an essential part of social media management that help boost businesses. Understanding SEO methods is a great way to boost business.

Measure campaign success

Metrics play a big role in social media. Identifying and keeping records of ideal clients that are ready to patronize your brand is one of the many benefits of social media management.

Social media management cost

When it comes to understanding the cost of social media management tools, note that the services vary. Because of this getting an individual quote before you make a decision on each tool is very important.

Two important factors are used to calculate social media marketing tools when it comes to cost which are:

  •       The number of accounts you which to manage and
  •       The number of posts you which to schedule

You can increase or decrease the number of factors above to control your social media management cost.

Understanding the concept behind social media accounts

Posts schedule for Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and even Twitter from a single platform is one of the many benefits of social media management tools. But note that prices can increase based on the number of accounts you want to manage.

Irrespective of how popular you are on variety of different platforms be sure to know exactly how much it costs to add additional accounts to your service as this could potentially cost you as a social media manager.

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Understanding social media posts

The number one advantage of social media management tools is to schedule posts in advance so it makes it easy to plan your day well and also reach these peak times. However, if you try to choose “quantity instead of quality” you may have to pay a little more.

Even if you only have one account, the number of posts you can schedule in advance is limited by some social media management tools. Note that the higher the number of post you want to schedule, the higher the price. This should be at the back of your mind when choosing your social media management tool.

Cost of social media management services

Taking advantage of the potential of a social media campaign through social media management services are the best solution that can boost any brand to the world.

The price is a bit higher, of course, but the results you see from these social media marketers are definitely worth it.

Understand that social media management services offers services like marketing strategies, paid advertising which has helped in the improvement of the overall social media strategy. Listed below are factors that affect social media management services:

  •       Company size
  •       The kind of services you need
  •       On which platforms do you want to share content?
  •       The level of analysis needed

Local Canadian business may seek out social media agency in their locality. This may be restricted to areas such as Gatineau, Ottawa, Vancouver or the whole of Canada.

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Some of the things that makes a great social media management tool?

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn are known as the big four in terms of social media networks. Some social media management tools only offer support for a large number of social media networks, while others only focus on only one or two social media networks, especially networks that focus on pictures like Instagram and Pinterest.

All of the applications in this overview can schedule publications in advance. Some tools can help you reuse your most powerful updates. Others analyze your engagement models to tell you when is best to publish.

If you can plan and publish all the networks you have selected at the same time, you will save a lot of time. In some networks, the next level is reached by being able to adapt each update to the platform you are targeting. That means, for example, you can mark places for Facebook and add relevant hashtags on Instagram.

With the right social media management tool, you would be able to set up keyword searches, you get to monitor mentions and also follow hashtags which helps you to better engage with your audience, give honest feedback to your team and also help identify issues that need to be fixed ontime. If your business communicates with customers through direct Twitter or Facebook messenger messages, you can manage all of your correspondence in a single “social inbox” to better track potential customers.

While many of these products offer the same functionality in different garments, each differs from the other products by a unique function: from the integrated support for lead generation to media search engines for royalty-free images and GIFs.

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List of social media management tools

Listed below are some of the best social media management tools:


eClincher is an easy-to-use but complete platform with many functions. It has all the essential functions that a social media management tool should have, as well as many unique functions.

eChlincher features content planner, automatic publishing with intelligent queues, social inbox or social CRM, integration of RSS feeds, keyword monitoring, influencer discovery, analysis reports, Canva integration, URL shortening, and so on.

Features of eChlincher

Publication and RSS

eClincher has a robust content publishing system. One of the most popular features is automatic publishing with intelligent queues. This social media management tools also offers the opportunity to recycle content and publish content once which means you can remove it from the queue.

Social engagement

eClincher features a social engagement inbox that allows all users manage their interactions on social networks just in one place. We’re talking about tweets, multimedia messages, mentions, comments, likes, shares, new subscribers and even comments on YouTube and Facebook ads.

Influencers search

Searching for influencers on Twitter, and also post by topic, rank, location and interaction has been made possible with this social media tool platform.

Customer management support

This tool is ideal for social media manages that have multiple clients, this feature is perfect to achieve any goal. eClincher offers every customer their own workplace. This feature offers a separate calendar, inbox and analytics. This feature makes it ideal to keep everything organized and clean. Contact BCT Consulting Web Design for more professional advice to keep your business blooming.

The ideal networks supported by this social media tools are Twitter, Instagram, Instagram Business, Google My Business, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google Analytics, You Tube and Facebook.



Buffer is also known as one of the best social media management tools because it offers several great functions. Buffer publishes with queue, engagement, team functionality and analysis. It can also be integrated into Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin and Instagram.

Buffer offers free and paid subscriptions. The tool has few restrictions for free members. With just $ 10 a month, you can update your account to use up to 12 social media profiles, queue an unlimited number of posts, and add two members to your account.

Features of Buffer

Publication and RSS

Buffer has basic publishing features such as: Schedule and add publications to a queue. However, it is not intended for permanent publications. In other words, you can’t download and reuse hundreds of messages and also you can’t post them on your social media. It also features an RSS feed which makes it possible to publish articles from blogs.

Social engagement

Buffer offers a product called Reply that is similar to eClincher’s social inbox. However, only Facebook, Twitter and Instagram comments are supported. It is also much more expensive.

Search for influencers

The buffer has no influencer search function.

Support for customer management

Buffer has limited team functionality. But this feature allows a user to add team members and also grant permissions to be able to manage different social media sites.

Supported networks for this social media management tools are: Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Facebook.


Sprout social

This social media management tools help to combine a variety of functions. It has monitoring, planning, analysis, the entire scope.

 Features of Sprout social

Publication and RSS

Sprout Social has some cool publishing features. It has all the basics and some more personalized features. This includes individual statistics for each position and the functions of the agency

Social engagement

Sprout Social has the social inbox, which is great. It allow you to monitor your brand on social media because it comes with a keyword research features.

Search for influencers

Sprout Social has no influencer search function.

Customer management support

It features basic team functionality, but the functionality is not that much. Supported networks: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn



HootSuite has probably been around the longest since 2008. It offers different apps that are ideal for business and also offers great features. For example, content is curated, organized, planned and RSS integrated.

Features of Hootsuite

Publication and RSS

Hootsuite has mass planning that allows you to download multiple publications at the same time. It has an interesting function that allows you to create lotteries or social competitions on social networks

Social engagement

Hootsuite has no social inbox or anything like that. To get social inbox, you have to manually interact with each subscriber by logging into each social media account one at a time.

Search for influencers

Hootsuite does not offer search for influencers.

Support for customer management

Hootsuite has the core functions of the team as well as subsequent and custom URLs. Supported social media networks are: Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, WordPress and Facebook.



Sendible is a social media management tool for agencies. It has offers many functions and contains a CRM.

Features of Sendible

Planning and RSS

Sendible has a Smart Queue function, which is similar to the automatic publication of eClincher. It also has an intelligent recommendation system that recommends the best news for you.

Social engagement

Like eClincher, Sendible has functions for social inbox and for team members. It also offers a listening features that allows user to monitor different keywords and in return makes it possible for users to see what potential clients are saying about their brand.

Search for influencers

Sendible has no influencer search function. But it features a CRM which makes it possible for users to treat social interactions by interacting with potential customers.

Supported social media networks are: Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google Analytics and Facebook.


Social pilot

Social Pilot is also a great social media management tool that offers many functions in one single dashboard.

Features of the social pilot

Planning and RSS

Social Pilot has basic planning features (including mass planning), but not automatic publishing or smart queues. It also offers RSS integration and that is ideal for automatic publishing.

Social engagement

Social Pilot does not offer social inbox functionality but it offers feed content that is ideal to browse different content and get ideas. But the downside of this feature is that you cannot interact with other social media enthusiasts and your follower’s as well.

Search for influencers

Social Pilot has no influencing properties.

Support for customer management

This feature makes it possible to connect to your customers without needing their credentials. Supported social media networks are: Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, VK, Tumblr and Facebook.


Agora pulse

This social media management tools offers different variety of functions that are very useful such as: social engagement, publication, reporting and teamwork.

Features of Agora pulse

Planning and RSS

Agora Pulse has an automatic publishing feature that allows you to queue persistent publications (indefinitely). This feature also makes it possible to add captions to your content and also you can view and analyze each publication.

Social engagement

Agora Pulse has social inbox features that allow you to interact with every subscriber and message in one place. As with eClincher, you can also view any profile.

Search for influencers

Agora Pulse has no influence function.

Customer management support

Agora Pulse has the basic functions of team sharing and approval of customer content. Supported networks: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube



CoSchedule is known for its social calendar function. The CoSchedule platform is ideal for planning and organizing all of your social media posts.

Features of CoSchedule

Planning and RSS

In general, CoSchedule has all the basic publishing features, as well as a feature called ReQueue. It is intelligent software that plans only the best news in your social history.

Social engagement

CoSchedule does not offer functions for social engagement, social monitoring, listening or keyword research.

Search for influencers

CoSchedule has no influence function.

Customer management support

This social media management tools has a separate dashboard for each customer, templates for reusable task, personalized reports and social approval. Supported networks: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr


Crowd Fire

There are recommendations on your social networks through a series of automated chat messages. You can use it to configure various automations, including scheduling and publishing.

Features of Crowd Fire

Planning and RSS

Crowdfire has a basic planning tool, but there are no queues, automatic publishing, and RSS integration. It is not intended to be a comprehensive planning tool. It’s more for social engagement.

Search for influencers

Crowdfire has no way to search for influencers. You can find and target followers on Twitter.

Supported social media networks are: Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Facebook.



Edgar specializes in content planning in a unique way. The Edgar tool helps to group all created content into categories and also add time slots to each category.

Features of Edgar

Planning and RSS

Edgar (formerly Meet Edgar) focuses on the automation of publishing. It has an automatic publication function that continuously publishes evergreen publications for you.

Social engagement

Edgar has no kind of social engagement or social monitoring functions.

Search for influencers

Edgar has no influencing properties.

Some or all of the tools listed above can be used by a social media coordinator.

Social media is essential for modern businesses. It is a question of scale. It lets you engage with your customers and get new lead. If you aren’t doing it, your competitors are. Thus, you must include social media management cost into your digital advertising budget.

That said, getting real results from your social media campaign requires that you work with experienced digital marketing agencies. If your business is based in Gatineau, Ottawa, Vancouver or other Canadian province, Dormedia is the right agency to work with.